Is ordering freezer beef right for me?

Do you typically prepare meals at home? What is the size of your family? How much freezer space do you have? These are all things to consider when thinking about buying freezer beef. Buying freezer beef from Broken Arrow Cattle guarantees that you will have high-quality, local beef at your fingertips while supporting a local family farm! Deciding how much beef to buy is up to you, but our chart may help you decide how much is right for you and your family.


Why is beef from Broken Arrow Cattle better than what I get at the grocery store?

Not all beef is created equal. At Broken Arrow Cattle, we personally care for our herd and know where they've lived and what they’ve consumed since day one. Buying directly from us, takes out the middleman. Ask us anything about the cattle and the beef you’re buying, we are happy to answer any questions you have! We are proud of our farm, our cattle and what we offer. By combining genetics, nutrition and quality care, the end product just tastes better! Our beef herd is grassfed until weening and then we grain finish with corn and hay that we grow ourselves. 

Why is marbling so important?

Marbling makes meat taste great. These small white flecks of fat render into liquid while the steak cooks, infusing the beef with buttery flavor. Aside from a flavor boost, marbling makes beef more tender. When beef is graded, much of the rating depends on the degree of marbling (Prime most, Choice less, and Select least). 


How much beef should I order and how much freezer space will I need?

Not sure if you need a quarter, half or whole - or how long that might last you and your family? The chart below is a good starting point for how much beef you might want to order. 

What will my approximate total cost be?

All meat is processed at a USDA inspected facility. Boxed weight will be roughly 60-65% of the hanging weight due to cutting loss and trimming.

What does "hanging weight" mean?

Hanging weight is how much the carcass weighs after it is skinned and the head and internal organs are removed. This is usually about 62 percent of the live weight of the animal, and what most private beef sellers base their per-pound cost on.


How long does the meat hang?

The beef carcass hangs and ages at least 10-14 days, which tenderizes and develops flavor in the meat.


If I buy a quarter cow, is it the front quarter or the rear quarter?

It’s both. Quarters are actually split halves, so you get a little bit of everything when you purchase a quarter cow.


Can I choose how I would like the meat cut? 

It depends on how much beef you order. Half or a whole beef orders are fully customized to your specifications. Since quarters are actually split halves, generally that half of the animal is processed the same way. The only selection that is not customizable is the 1/8 beef which is a standard packaged set.


How long will my meat last in the freezer?

General recommendations suggest that ground beef is best within three to four months - this is when you will get the best taste, there is no safety concern with eating meat that has been in the freezer longer. As long as it is kept frozen and securely wrapped, beef should be good for up to one year, or beyond.